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Energy saving sash windows that will really reduce your power consumption

As technology advances, sash windows have too, and now there are some windows that really will reduce the power consumption in your property massively. These sash windows are normally double or triple glazed and in in his article we are going to go through all of the brilliant energy saving sash window styles and types of glazing that will make a difference to your home.

Double glazing sash windows that reduce power consumption

Double glazed sash windows work to reduce power consumption and save energy by having two panes of glass rather than 1. Because there’s an air space between the two panes it stops the travel of a cold air which will make your home that much warmer. This results in not having to turn the heating on so quickly, and hence the power consumption reduction.

Double glazing also has the added benefit of being more secure. This is as a result of the technology advancing toughened glass that’s available these days that is relatively cheaper price. This toughened glass has an indirect effect on the overall heat loss because you’re much less likely to open your windows knowing that you’re already safe when they’re fully closed.

What about triple glazing sash windows?

Triple glazed sash windows worth much in the same way as double glazed sash windows except from they’re far more energy-efficient. This is because rather than two panes of glass they’re simply three panes of glass. It’s actually possible to this only still one airspace however, this is because normally two panes of glass rashleigh laminated together and this is effectively the three panes of glass that’s in discussion. This type of glazing actually is also not just thermally efficient, it’s actually well known to be acoustically good too. In fact, a lot of the most efficient sash windows actually have acoustic laminate glazing as well.

These are pretty common sash windows, and are actually installed by most normal sash window companies. London for example, has literally hundreds of companies that install triple glazed sash windows. Most of them offer sash window repair, double glazed sash windows, and triple glazing as standard.

Draught proofing your original sash windows can be pretty effective at reducing energy lost too.

Don’t think for one second you need to entirely replace your windows to make them energy efficient. You could actually work with your original sash windows and if they’re drafty and Gabi than that means that you could actually install a draught proofing system that will really improve their efficiency. It’s amazing to know that there’s plenty of companies out there that will install these comprehensive systems and are actually well known to work very very well indeed. If you take a look at Energy Saving Trust. They’ll quite clearly let you know that you can save around £25 for windows per year draught proof.

Draught proofing

In conclusion to energy-saving sash windows.

Do something about your sash windows today, there’s no reason that you need to live with poor quality sash windows that are not protecting the home very well at all. Power consumption is a big deal with the price of electric and gas continuing to rise, so make sure that you taking advantage of the modern technology the sash windows have to offer. It doesn’t matter if you can only a for double glazing or just a draught roofing system, they will definitely improve the ambiance of your home and the net result will be that you save money as well as reduced power consumption overall.

A Guide To Green Housing: Save The Planet Without Leaving Home

Many people are looking for a way to make a difference in the environment, and some are lost. But a major way to contribute to the green movement and reduce your carbon footprint is to follow new trends and technology in green housing.

Go Prefab

Many housing companies and architects are getting into prefab homes. What used to be thought of as a cheap housing alternative, like standard manufactured homes in the 1980s and 1990s, is now becoming a greener, more efficient way to produce high-style housing.

Prefab Homes
Prefab Homes : source

Prefab homes are assembled most or all of the way in a factory and then brought to the home site on a flatbed truck. This way, all the materials to build the house and the workers go to the factory instead of each individual home site, and this is a more efficient way to build homes. They can also be built much cheaper this way.

While some prefab homes still have about as much charm as a double-wide trailer, there are many firms going ahead with high-design green options, like Michelle Kaufmann and Rocio Romero.

Recycle, Recycle, Recycle

When you think about all the materials that go into building a house, it doesn’t seem possible that you could use totally post-consumer material. But you’d be wrong. A new trend in green building is using salvaged lumber and other materials, like doors and fixtures. What’s more, they can be less expensive and they sometimes benefit charities. When homes are destroyed, all the salvaged materials are often taken to a reseller, and that’s where you can find them. A simple Internet search for “salvaged building materials” in your city should tell you where to find them.

When you’re not too keen on using someone else’s old materials, there are also recycled materials available from manufacturers, like recycled glass tile and floors made from recycled plastic.

Grey Water System
Grey Water System

It’s important to look to recycling not only as a part of building the house, but of living in it too. Consider the installation of solar panels to recycle the sun’s power into energy, or a grey water system to recycle the water that runs through the house.

Septic tank installation into the ground
Septic tank installation into the ground

Think Tiny

One of the keys in the green housing movement is to only build a house that’s big enough for your needs. That means living with less space and less stuff, but it also means an opportunity to get outside more and to bring yourself back to simple living that will inspire you to continue a green lifestyle.

The green housing movement
The green housing movement : source

One company that is striving to provide chic, well-designed green small homes is the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company, which offers plans for homes from 65 to 837 square feet. There are also many other firms that specialise in small homes, knowing that efficient, green living is the product of only using what you really need and saving more energy and building materials for the future.

Eco-Friendly Village Proving a Big Hit

Barratt’s eco-friendly development in Almondsbury near Bristol was designed to cater for those who are keen to make the world a more environmentally conscious place, and the development, which is known as Hortham Village, is proving to be very popular.

“Our show home, The Marlowe, has two solar panels built into the roof and this is just one of the many eco-friendly features to be found at this development,” Louise Ware, Barratt Sales Director, commented.

Solar panels mounted on a house roof - Saving money and the environment
Solar panels mounted on a house roof – Saving money and the environment

The aim of the development is to make sustainable living as easy as possible, with simple practical solutions that, if implemented ‘en masse’, could make a huge difference.

“Every home at this site will have energy-efficient insulation, low energy light fittings and waste separation units – all of which will help to create a more sustainable community for residents,” she added.

Installing thermal roof insulation layer - using mineral wool panels.
Installing thermal roof insulation layer – using mineral wool panels.
Applying Expandable Foam Insulation to Window
Applying Expandable Foam Insulation to Window
Applying Weather Seal Caulk to Window Frame
Applying Weather Seal Caulk to Window Frame

“Outside we will provide rotary washing lines as an alternative to dryers, and water butts to collect rainwater for watering the garden.”

water butts to collect rainwater for watering the garden
Water butts to collect rainwater for watering the garden

Ms Ware went on to point out that the initiative has also acknowledged the need to create homes that complement the environment without compromising the comfort or standard of living of the occupants.

“For those looking to work from home, the second bedrooms have facilities such as two double sockets and two telephone points,” she remarked.

“We’ve just sold a Marlowe house type. In addition to the energy-saving characteristics, this five-bedroom detached property comes with a double garage and a spacious lounge, as well as a separate dining room – it’s the ideal property for a family.”

Upon its completion, the Hortham Village development will boast a selection of 95 homes, offering both apartments and houses. There is currently a limited number of three and four-bedroom houses available with prices ranging from £284,995 to £436,500.

Hortham Village is not only proving popular for its eco-friendly status, the new development is surrounded by 50 acres of tranquil woodland coupled with good transport links, with the nearby M5 offering quick access to Cribbs Causeway and Bristol City Centre.

The architects and landscapers of the site have also put clear emphasis on the importance of a charming layout to complement the eco-friendly facilities, with open landscape areas and attractive street layouts and courtyards giving the development a strong sense of community.

Alternative Energy: Water Power

What is Water Power ?

Water power ranges from hydroelectric electricity generated from dams on rivers or lakes and now starting to harness the tides around the uk through to the latest technology harnessing the power of waves in the sea

How is Water Power Harnessed ?

Hydroelectric Flowing of the water that makes the whole system work. Water is allowed to flow in a controlled manner onto blades of some kind attached to a turbine which is then used to create electricity Hydroelectric power dates back to the early 1900s but the use of water to provide mechanical power of falling water dates back more than 2000 years as a means of grinding corn.

Wave Power

Ocean wave energy conversion for utility scale power generation is now becoming a commercial technology. A 75 kW shore-based demonstration plant by Queens University, Belfast, using the OWC process described above has operated on the Scottish island of Islay for 10 years A very simplistic description of how it works is as a buoy goes up and down in the waves it compresses air which then turns a turbine and creates electricity

Where is Water Power used ?

Hydroelectric plants are dotted around the UK on our rivers but the largest and most commercially viable are in Scotland There is the possibility of turning some of our disused water mills to create small power plants is still an expensive option but as our natural resources of fossel fuels continue to dwindle they may come to the fore Wave energy is still in its infancy as a power source but has unlimited potential due to the fact the UK is an island with the ocean all around

Why has hydroelectricity production not increased in the UK to the level we would expect ?

We only have small areas of the UK with all the needed constituents to produce hydroelectricity using dams , but the advance in wave power technology in the UK could mean in 30 years hydroelectricity through wave power could become a major source of power for us External links to good sources of information

Alternative Energy: Wind Power

What is Wind Power ?

A device for converting wind power to mechanical rotation with a low velocity turbine designed for compressible fluids (air). It is a device for producing renewable energy in the form of electric power and is a component of one of the newest forms of power plant to be put into operation.

How is Wind Power Harnessed ?

A wind Turbine is made of large propellors that are turned with the power of the wind often made from graphite due to its light weight and durability. Often you will find many hundred on a wind farm used to drive a generator to make electricity.

Where is Wind Power used ?

There are wind farms all over the world some in the USA stretch for miles and can be slightly eirie to look at , there are now a number of wind farms in the UK, and although they do help to reduce the use of carbon fossel fuel some conservationists are not happy due to the loss of natural habitats for wildlife.

How many wind turbines in the UK and current output ?

There are currently 1125 wind turbines in the UK producing 772.4 Megawatts which is enough to power 440,000 homes this is about 0.5% of total electricity in the UK. The current growth is in offshore wind farms as this will not use the land mass required.

Why have wind farms not increased to the level we would expect ?

To run efficient wind farms you need large areas of land with a steady wind flow , and in the UK due to the cost of land and pressure from the other areas of the economy they have not taken off as quickly , but in areas of the

Install a Toto Electronic Toilet Bidet Seat for Eco Toilet Luxury

In Japan, bathroom culture revolves around what market leader in bathrooms Toto calls the Washlet, an electronic toilet bidet seat that offers an eco-friendly and hygienic alternative to bog-standard toilet paper. Toto have sold over 25 million Washlet systems in Japan where over 70% of households use toilet bidets rather than conventional toilet systems.

This article looks at the benefits for both the young and the elderly.

Why Use an Electronic Bidet Toilet?

Bidets have been around for a long time but conventional bidets are low on the ground and are not practical to use for many people. An electronic bidet toilet, on the other hand, combines the acts of urination and defecation with eco-friendly hygienic after-cleansing that requires no toilet paper.

Electronic Bidet Toilet
Electronic Bidet Toilet

The advantages for the elderly and disabled are obvious in that they can enjoy toilet privacy without the humiliation of needing a helping hand. And for those who simply want a little bathroom luxury, it’s a simple matter of sitting down to business, then pressing a remote control to allow warm water to gently cleanse bodily parts and let the warm air drier finish everything off.

Toilet Bidets – Go Green and Save on Toilet Paper

The Toto brand prides itself on what it calls “Clean Technology” and has launched its toilet bidets in the UK and European markets in the last couple of years. Potential buyers in the UK can try out a Washlet in one of three Japanese restaurants in London, Manchester or Birmingham.

Save Toilet Paper
Save Toilet Paper

Those that try the Toto Washlet toilet bidet seat inevitably want to know where they can get one as they experience the pampering and purifying pleasure that leaves the user feeling “clean and happy.”

Toilet Seat Bidets for the Young or Elderly

Parents will enjoy using toilet seat bidets for themselves as well as with their children as a great way to encourage toilet training; after all who can resist playing with a remote control or a side panel with lots of buttons to press?

And there are additional ecological savings to be made other than toilet paper as the fun of going to the toilet armed with a remote control replaces the need to fill the room with magazines!

Cost of a Toto Toilet Washlet

There are several different models to choose from in the Toto toilet Washlet range with prices starting from just under £460 for the entry level model with side panel control rather than a remote and with fewer features.

Toilet with electric seat automatic flush
Toilet with electric seat automatic flush

The top of the range £400 model has a list price over £1300 but can be purchased on Amazon for less than £1000. For that, users can enjoy a toilet seat that automatically opens and a hands-free flush together with all the features on other models such as front and rear cleansing, a heated seat, a massage function, an automatic air purifier to eradicate odours and 5 different cleaning modes. This model can only be fitted to selected Toto toilet cisterns.

Revolutionise Bathroom Culture with a Computerised Bidet Toilet Seat

Try a computerised bidet toilet seat to enjoy the pleasure of being “clean and happy.” The Toto Washlet may be about to revolutionise bathroom culture outside of Japan.